Monday, May 12, 2014

Chapter Four

I met Matthew at a dance club called The Grind. I found it using the GPS system built into the Compensator. I pulled up to the club and observed it for a moment. I saw the peeling paint and the shingles from the roof that were coming apart. I looked at the rust on the bars and the faded garage doors of the old warehouse. A huge smile crept across my face. I loved it! This little run down hovel was a piece of heaven to me. I got out of the car and ran inside to meet Matthew. 

Matthew was already at the bar. He was laughing boisterously as if he had already a few drinks in him. He bought me first drink, and another for himself. We drank for a while and met all sorts of new people at the bar. Every one knew who Matthew was and wanted to talk to him. Matthew was always so nice to his fans. He seemed to make friends where ever he went.

I was ready to head to the dance floor but Matthew insisted we drink a little more first. "Another drink for my girl!" He shouted at the bartender while slapping the bar. The bartender glanced over at Matthew and smiled, happy to obey. The bartender was probably thinking about the generous tip he was sure to get when the night ended. The feminist in me scoffed at the fact that Matthew sounded so possessive but the woman in me secretly loved the attention.

We talked, and laughed, and met more people. Of course we drank...

 and drank...

Finally, Matthew asked me to dance. The music was loud and the lights were pulsating. The combination of the strobe lights and the alcohol made me dizzy, almost like I was in a dream. We didn't dance for long before Matthew insisted we drink more. I didn't think I could handle another but he was so persuasive.

Matthew was now ordering rounds for the entire club. The tab must have been over 1,000 simoleons. I never really drank much in high school. There were the occasional nights Kylie and I would sneak wine coolers and get a small buzz but I had never actually been drunk. Until tonight.

My inhibitions were completely gone. I was always so quiet and shy, always the good girl and the reasonable voice in the group. I wasn't acting like myself at all. I surprised myself when I hopped up on the bar and started dancing. I danced just for Matthew and he rewarded me by watching the whole time. The bartender called last call and Matthew settled the tab. The bartender looked positively ecstatic. Matthew and I stumbled out to the car. He called a limo to pick us up and hired a man from the car service to drive the Compensator home.

When we got to Matthew's house he suggested we go for a late night soak in his hot tub. He said it would lessen the effects of the hangover I would inevitably get so I didn't argue. I guess I would get to use the hot tub after all! I couldn't help but notice how great Matthew looked in his bathing suit.

After an awkward moment on separate sides of the hot tub, Matthew scooted closer and put his arm around me. My heart had to have been going a million miles an hour. I was more nervous than excited. I had been on a couple dates in high school but nothing ever came out of it. I had my first kiss in 9th grade but that's about it. I was a completely inexperienced girl and Matthew was about to find that out.

The moment came and I was ready for it. Matthew leaned in and kissed me. All of my nerves seemed to dissipate the moment his lips touched mine. It felt natural and not at all awkward like I imagined it would be. The kiss turned into something heavier. He pulled apart and asked me if I wanted to go inside. I nodded.

We sat on the bed and Matthew could sense something was wrong. He asked if I was alright. I knew it would ruin the night but I had to come clean. I told him about my lack of experience in the bedroom and that I was just nervous. "So it's just nerves? Not reluctance?" He questioned. "No! Not all all! It's just nerves I swear! Ugh...I shouldn't have said anything. It was so stup..."

Matthew interrupted my rambling with a passionate kiss...

...and the last thing on my mind after that was nerves. I was very inexperienced and naive but it was obvious Matthew was not.  He was perfect.

That night I slept better then I had ever slept before in my life. I was afraid I would wake up and this whole experience would be a dream. I was so happy. I didn't ever want this trip to end.

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