Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Chapter Seven

I couldn't believe it was already day five of my trip. I only had one more full day here. If I was going to stay I would need to start seriously thinking long term. Matthew was at work so I grabbed the paper to check the classifieds and apartments for rent. I was flipping through the pages and something caught my eye. It was a picture of Matthew in the entertainment section. I paused to read the article. The headline read "Playboy Millionaire Spends the Night at The Grind." I couldn't believe it! The night he was missing he told me he was stuck at work and fell asleep. This newspaper article told a different story. Apparently, Matthew got hammered at The Grind and there were pictures to prove it. 

He was pictured drinking and dancing the night away with a socialite named Caroline. The two were seen leaving together in the same limo. 

I was in shock. Why would he lie to me? Was Caroline a coworker? She had to be. It was the only possible explanation. Matthew said he loved me. I needed to clear my head so I went for a jog. I'm glad I got out because it gave me time to put things into perspective. Matthew was a great guy and I was going to ruin everything if I started getting all jealous and clingy. Maybe he gave Caroline a ride home before going back to work? That seemed like a good enough answer. I had convinced myself everything was perfect as I made the return back to Matthew's house. 

As soon I got back, I received a phone call from Matthew. He told me he was throwing an impromptu pool party later that evening with a bunch of his buddies. He told me he wanted to introduce his new girlfriend to his friends. My stomach flipped and my heart raced. We were a thing now? I could hardly contain my excitement as I hung up the phone and hopped in the shower. Matthew Hamming was my boyfriend!!

The pool party was a blast. I met Matthew's best friend, Richie. "He'll be the best man at our wedding" joked Matthew. I giggled but it looked like Matthew was hoping to get a different reaction out of me. 

I also met Marina, another friend of Matthew's. "So, are you two boyfriend and girlfriend?" she asked. I grinned. "Yea I guess we are," I answered her. "That's great," she smiled. "You know," she continued "Matthew and I dated for a very short period of time." I nodded, not quite sure what to say. "Is he treating you okay?" she asked. What kind of question is that? I asked myself. "Yes he treats me like a princess," I answered honestly. Marina looked relieved. "Well good. You know...if you ever need anything you can reach out to me" she said sympathetically. I really didn't know how to respond. "Uhh..thank you," I told her. She grabbed my cell and added her number. "I put my number under Mary. It'll be my little code name," she said handing me back my phone. Just then, Matthew noticed we were talking and came over. Marina and Matthew exchanged pleasantries before Matthew wisked me away to the bar. 

Of course we drank. We always did. Matthew hired a bartender and kept the liquor flowing freely all evening. 

Finally the party died down and guests started to leave. After a while it was just Matthew and I. He led me away from the bar and we started slow dancing. He could be such a hopeless romantic sometimes. We talked briefly about how quickly my trip was coming to an end. I told him I wanted to stay and I had been checking the classifieds for work and for a place to stay. He held me tighter and told me not to worry about it. Tomorrow he had a spectacular day planned. He said it would be a day I would never forget and we would discuss our future plans then. My heart leaped into my throat at the word "our". I decided to take his advice and worry about our plans tomorrow. I rest my head on his shoulder and enjoyed the remainder of the dance. 

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