Sunday, May 11, 2014

Chapter Three

I woke up on day two of my vacation around 11:00 am. Matthew was already at work so I took advantage of my time alone to call Kylie and fill her in. Kylie had met Matthew before but she had never been to his house. I took her through, room by room. I told her about the modern bar in the living room. 

I told her how new and pristine everything in the house was. The stereo had to be worth over $1,000 simoleons and I had never seen a fireplace in a house before, except in a magazine.  

I told her about the grand piano and the gorgeous view from the patio outside of the living room. 

I told her about the receiving room by the front door... 

...and the elegant red formal dining room.

Kylie knew I loved to cook so I told her about the real tile kitchen floors and the granite counter tops. 

I took the phone call upstairs and we chatted about the game room where I was staying. The whole setup was probably worth more than my Aunt's trailer. 

The only place I hadn't gone was Matthew's room. Kylie dared me to take a peek. I had to admit I was curious so I opened the door to look around. Matthew's room was huge and, naturally, it had it's own fireplace. 

The bed was soft and inviting with red mood lighting shining above it. On the private balcony there was a luxurious hot tub. I wondered if Matthew would let me us use it later. I made a mental note to ask him when he got home from work.

"Kylie the place is huge!" I told her. "It even has a swimming pool and a bar outside." Kylie listened to me drone on and on about the house, my date last night, and how charming and good looking Matthew was. I listened to Kylie talk for a while about how she was preparing for college. 

I heard my call waiting beep and I checked the caller ID. My heart fluttered and I shrieked to Kylie that it was Matthew. We quickly said our goodbyes, giggling the whole time and then I answered Matthew's call. He told me he was finishing up with work but he would like to meet me afterwords for a drink. "Listen Everly, I don't want you to waste money on a cab. The keys to the Compensator are in the drawer of the dresser in the entry hall." I didn't argue. We hung up and I ran upstairs to get dressed. I felt a little embarrassed that I had to wear the same outfit I wore the night before. I didn't have very much money and I only really had one "going out" outfit. I shrugged it on and went outside. The sky looked dark, like a storm was brewing. 

I hopped in the car and it felt like a dream. I gingerly tested the gas and the car lurched forward. I had never driven something with such power! With a devilish grin I pressed the gas harder and flew toward the center of Bridgeport. My laugh was carried away in the stormy winds. 

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