Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Chapter Nine

I woke up the day I was scheduled to go home and called Kylie to tell her the good news. I could hardly contain my enthusiasm as I recapped my romantic proposal story. I gave her the all the details right down to the specs of platinum luxury diamond engagement ring I was wearing on my ring finger. Kylie was oddly silent through the whole thing. "Of course you'll be my maid of honor," I blabbered on. "When do you think you'll have a break from university?" I asked her. "We should probably schedule the wedding for then so I can be sure you will be here," I continued without giving her a moment to answer.

"Everly," her voice came through gently over the phone, "you can't be serious. You don't know anything about him. You've only known each other for a week," she finally responded. "I knew you would say that Kylie but you don't understand! We love each other! We were meant for each other! This is right. Can't you be supportive?" I asked in a high pitch voice. "I'm sorry Everly but I think you're making a huge mistake," she said.

I don't know whether is was her overly gentle tone or her complete unwillingness to see my point but I just snapped. "You're jealous," I screamed at her. "You're jealous because all our lives YOU have been the one to get everything you ever wanted. YOU took all those lavish vacations, YOU always had the money and the nice clothes, and YOU always had the quarterback boyfriend. Well now it's my turn Kylie! You're so selfish you can't even be happy for the one truly good thing that's ever happened to me!" I screamed as tears stung my eyes. "Everly..." she said softly. I'd had enough of her condescending attitude. I slammed the cell phone shut. My best friend couldn't even be supportive of me. I knew one person that would surely be happy for me so I took a deep breath and dialed Nancy's number.

"Hi sweetie!" Nancy exclaimed. "We are so excited to see you again. What time does your flight get in?" She asked me. Her voice made me homesick and I realized just then how much I missed her and my cousins. I knew I would just have to rip the band aid off. I spilled my heart out to my Aunt, still seething with anger over how Kylie had reacted.

My mouth almost hit the floor when Nancy took Kylie's side. "Honey, just come home and we will talk about this. I think you just need a little bit more time. I'm not telling you it's a bad idea but it's horrible timing. You don't know the first thing about this guy," she argued. Anger welled up in my heart again. "This guy," I said furiously, "is my fiance," I reminded her. "You dated your ex-husband for two years before you married him and look how that turned out. You don't know the first thing about real love." I knew I had crossed a line but I didn't care. "I have to go Nancy," I said and I hung up the phone before she could get in another word.

I heard the shower upstairs turn off and I knew Matthew would be coming down shortly. I needed to see him. I needed to reassure myself that our engagement was the right thing.

Matthew came downstairs and I recapped the two conversations I had just had with Kylie and my Aunt Nancy. Matthew was furious. "They don't know anything about us!" He exclaimed angrily. "They are just jealous Everly. They have never had a love like ours before. They wouldn't know what is was if it hit them in the face," he told me. I was comforted by the fact he had drawn the same conclusion that I had.

"Everly, do you trust me?" Matthew asked. "Oh course I do! With all my heart!" I answered. "If we are going to be a family then we need to put each other first. Your spouse comes before your friends and family. I can't be in a relationship where I am only second best," Matthew explained. "You can't talk to them if they are only going to put fear and doubt into your heart. It's not healthy for us."

"Matthew, I'm not going to choose between you and my family," I told him. "If you don't choose me, then you chose them," Matthew yelled. I gasped. I had never heard him raise his voice before. Matthew instantly softened. "Everly, I know I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Remember our first night together? Remember last night? Hold on to those feelings as you make your decision," he said as he wrapped me up into his arms. I breathed in his comforting scent. I loved Matthew and I wanted to be with him. Maybe Matthew was right. Maybe all they were doing was injecting fear into my heart.

"I don't want them interfering anymore," Matthew said. He kissed me passionately for a moment before pulling away with a smile on his face. "I have an idea. Let's do it tomorrow," he said excitedly. "What?" I asked. "Get married. Let's get married tomorrow. No more fear, no more doubt...we can just do what feels right. If you love me like you say you do then you will do this for me," he said. He waited for a response. "Okay," I muttered weakly. "Great!" he shouted! "I have to go to work for a few hours but I'll have my personal assistant take care of everything." He kissed me again. "Everly, everything is going to be just fine," he said and ran out the front door.

If everything was going to be okay, why did I feel so confused?

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