Sunday, May 11, 2014

Chapter One

My name is Everly. I'm from a very rural, very small town called Appaloosa Plains. My parents passed away when I was a child so I was raised by my Aunt Nancy, a single mother of two. Nancy was a hard worker and she was very kind to me. We lived in a two bedroom trailer on the outskirts of town. Money was always tight but we managed. My best friend's name is Kylie. Kylie is well off and her family is always going on lavish trips and vacations. I was always envious of her ability to travel and I think she knew. After high school I had no plans. I couldn't afford college and all I really wanted to do was see the world. I asked Kylie about all her adventures and asked for her advice on where I should head next. I had to get out of this small town. She had one word for me...Bridgeport. 

The lights, the nightlife, the money! Kylie told me her family was friends with a man from Bridgeport, named Matthew Hamming, who was a big time actor. Kylie talked to her parents and her parents were nice enough to call Matthew for me. Matthew agreed to let me stay at his place for a week so I could feel the city out and see if I wanted to stay. Matthew only had a one bedroom home though so I would have to sleep on the couch. That wasn't a problem. I was use to sharing a full sized bed with my cousins. A couch all to myself would be a step up! The next few days I began to plan my trip.

I Googled Matthew and learned a lot about him. He was handsome, wealthy, and was known for his charity work. Why would he live in a one bedroom house if he had all that money? I figured he must be humble and modest. 

His FaceMeet profile pic wasn't all that bad either. Butterflies stirred in my stomach. I was actually getting really nervous to meet him. 

The time for my vacation finally came. I worked part time at the grocery store all throughout high school and managed to save almost every single penny. I arrived at the airport a little early. I was so excited. I had never been on a plane before. I sat patiently and waited.

Finally I heard my flight number called from the speakers. It was now or never!

The flight went well and in a few hours I landed in Bridgeport. As the cab zipped through city I kept trying to guess which house was Matthew's. We flew past a few high rises and over a great bridge. The houses started getting bigger and more luxurious. I had never been inside a gated community before. Finally the cab slowed in front of a massive, gated mansion. The cab driver read the address and signaled we had arrived. I was speechless. I stepped out of the cab and paid the driver. 

I walked up to the gate and stared at the intercom. I pushed the button. "Hammond residence" came a voice over the speaker. "Oh...umm...this is Everly, Matthew is expecting me." Silence. I was about to ring the intercom again when the gates opened up and Matthew came out to greet me. 

Matthew was everything I had read on the internet. He was good looking, charming, charismatic, and very flirty. I stumbled through our conversation. I was so nervous I couldn't stop acting like an idiot. 

Matthew also had a great sense of humor. I giggled like a school girl at his jokes and began to warm up to him. We talked for an hour before I even made it through the front gate. 

"I am so sorry, where are my manners?" Matthew apologized. "I should have invited you in and offered you a drink as soon as you arrived. You had a long trip. I'm sure the last thing you wanted to do was stand around for an hour." To be honest, I didn't even realize an hour had passed. Matthew was so easy to talk to. I sat quietly and observed the house and all of it's elegance while Matthew made us a drink. It was a little early to be drinking but I gladly accepted. It was a long trip.

We talked and drank for another hour. At that point I really needed to be excused. The trip was exhausting and I had other needs I had to attend to. I excused myself to the bathroom and left Matthew downstairs. 

It may have been the travel or it may have been the extra strong drink but I didn't even notice Matthew made 4 drinks. I only had one drink but when I came back downstairs they were all gone. 

I met Matthew back downstairs in the kitchen. There was a long, awkward pause. "So, you came here to see Bridgeport. I'd love to take you out tonight and show you around." I quickly, almost embarrassingly quickly, agreed. "Great, it's a date" Matthew winked. I blushed and ran back upstairs to get ready.

When we were set to go, Matthew walked me into the garage. I couldn't believe my eyes. It was a VFN Compensator. Matthew opened the door for me and I climbed in. The car smelled like leather and cologne. I sank into the seat and inhaled. Matthew got in the car and grinned at me. He started the Compensator up with a loud rev of the engine. We peeled out of the driveway and over the bridge into the city. Life was perfect!

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