Sunday, May 11, 2014

Chapter Two

Matthew took me to a fun little dive bar in the middle of the city called Waylon's Haunt. The bar was a hole in the wall but the place was alive with youth and energy. Everybody at the bar wanted pictures or autographs of Matthew. I was receiving a lot of attention too. I felt like a superstar and I was positively hypnotized by this new lifestyle. I didn't think I would ever grow tired of the longing looks from the men or the envious glares of women.

Matthew and I danced for hours. I was very inexperienced but he didn't seem to notice. He was such a perfect gentleman.

Finally, Matthew took a break to go and buy a round of drinks for the entire bar. The place was loud and smelled of sweat and alcohol...and I loved it!

I wasn't quite ready to take a break. I was too caught up in the moment. Another man asked me to dance. He told me his name but I couldn't hear it over the music. Ned or Ted or something like it. I accepted his offer and we danced for a few songs.

In the meantime, Matthew had finished his drink and made his way over to us. He told me he bought me a drink and it was waiting at the bar. His tone was not exactly friend so I didn't argue, even though I wasn't ready to stop dancing. I walked over to the bar and realized Matthew was not following me. I saw him lean into the man I was dancing with and shout something into his ear. Ned looked highly offended and began shouting back at Matthew.

I knew better than to interfere. I watched the confrontation from the bar. Matthew never once lost his temper but his smug attitude must have upset Ned because he continued to shout at him. Matthew just grinned and turned away. Ned, looking rather defeated, stormed out in a hurry. Matthew met my stare from across the bar and started heading towards me. I quickly finished my drink. I hoped he wasn't mad at me. I was having so much fun in Bridgeport and I wasn't ready to call it quits. 

My stomach turned as he approached me. I timidly smiled up at him from my chair, waiting for him to speak. "Do you want to get some fresh air?" He said with a big grin. Relief washed over me and I would have followed him off a bridge if he asked it. I was just so happy he wasn't angry with me. I hopped off my bar stool and we sneaked around to the back of the bar. 

I drank awfully fast so the cool night air felt refreshing on my skin. We sat on the grass and gazed up at the stars. I showed Matthew all the constellations I had learned growing up in the country. We talked for a while before Matthew stood up and suggested we head home because he had work tomorrow, or today depending on how you look at it. 

We headed home and I got dressed for bed. Matthew offered to sleep on the couch instead of me but I wouldn't hear of it. I was his guest and he had already done so much for me. He set me up in the game room. The game room was a room all to itself so I had a little bit of privacy. It was early in the morning so I fell asleep quickly. I dreamt of lights, glamour, and fame. 

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