Friday, May 16, 2014

Chapter Twelve

The next morning I woke up and Matthew was not in bed. I smelled something delicious coming from the kitchen. I made my way downstairs and found Matthew making waffles. He looked at me and smiled. Sometimes he could be so charming. I found myself smiling back and it was the first sincere smile that left my lips in days.

We ate breakfast in silence. Matthew had to leave for work but he asked me what my plans for the day were. I told him I wanted to stay home. The events of the past few days had left me physically and emotionally exhausted. I just wanted some time to rest. 

Matthew left for work and I changed into my swimsuit. I laid out in the sun and fell asleep under it's comforting rays.

I woke up around noon. I was bored but I still didn't feel like going out. I remembered the book about making cocktails and I ran upstairs to get it. I spent most of the afternoon studying the recipes and techniques.

After a few hours I got tired of reading and decided to try out some of the new recipes I read about. They turned out surprisingly well. I had a knack for colors, tastes, and textures. 


Matthew was due home anytime now so I showered and got dressed. I came downstairs and found a half dozen red roses waiting for me.

Matthew poked his head around the corner. "Do you like them?" he asked. I ran and hugged him. "They are beautiful," I answered honestly. 

Matthew was not done pampering me. He ran out to the garage and brought back a package. Inside was some new jewelry for my evening wear. It must have cost a fortune. I thanked him again with another long hug. 

Matthew's lavish gifts, attention, and gentleness lasted all week. I was treated like royalty. Matthew had even quit drinking for a few days to show me how dedicated he was to changing. It was like we were dating again. Our days were spent missing each other and our nights were spent making up for that lost time. I was head over heels in love with him. One evening, we decided to go for a soak in the hot tub. I had spent the week at home practicing making drinks and I was getting really good at it. I was starting to get bored at home alone though. I was toying with the idea of getting a part time mixology position and I decided to bring it up to Matthew. He shot down the idea before I could even finish telling him what I wanted.  

It started to rain so we took our conversation inside. I pleaded with Matthew to hear me out. The more I begged, the angrier he got. 

"I make millions of simoleons Everly, you don't need to work!" he argued. I tried to tell him it wasn't about the money but I just dug myself in deeper. Matthew was soon convinced that I wanted a job so I could save up my own money and leave him. I was astounded he would even think that. He gave me everything I needed! I decided to let it rest because I felt so guilty. I apologized and comforted Matthew, assuring him I would always be his. There was no arguing the rest of the night but the tension was palpable. 

The next time Matthew went to work I decided to leave the house for the first time since he hit me. I knew he felt strongly about me not working but mixing drinks was more of a hobby then actual work. I was sure if I could line a job up, Matthew would agree to letting me work a few hours a week. I found a grey pencil skirt and lavender blouse in the dresser and threw it on. I hopped in my brand new VFN Compensator and headed straight to Waylon's Haunt. I met the manager, Daisy, and told her I was looking for a part time job as a mixologist.

Daisy decided to give me an on the job interview which I thought went very well. It was only mid-afternoon so there wasn't a lot of business. I made a few party drinks and cleaned the bar on my downtime. Daisy had a few of my cocktails and was very impressed. She told me she would be happy to hire me for the afternoon shift if I wanted it. I thanked her excitedly and told her I would call her later that night after I spoke with my husband. I got back in my car and laughed out loud. I was ecstatic to start. Now if only I could get Matthew on the same page as me. 

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