Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Chapter Six

I woke up the next morning around noon. The bed was still empty. Once again, I did a quick search of the house only to discover Matthew was not back. I ate some leftover pancakes and did the dishes. The maid came in the kitchen and informed me that was his responsibility. I insisted it wasn't a problem and told him I liked to stay busy anyways. He could tell I was bothered so he didn't press the issue. I had just finished when I heard the front door open.

Matthew was standing there in the clothes he had worn to work yesterday, with a dozen beautiful red roses in his hand. He looked almost embarrassed as he gave me the bouquet. The flowers smelled lovely and I thanked him. "I am so, so sorry" he apologized. "I should have called you. I got caught up at work and fell asleep in my office." Matthew explained. I told him everything was fine and I thanked him profusely for the new clothes. I told him I could not wait to show them off. He seemed very pleased. "I want to make yesterday up to you. I took the day off work today and I'd like to take you somewhere very special. Kylie told me how much you liked the beach and I know of a little cove outside of town where the water is just perfect" Matthew said with a grin. "It sounds great! I'll run upstairs to change." I responded with excitement.

I came back downstairs and Matthew was mixing drinks at the bar. He looked up with disappointment. "I thought Lola was going to help you pick a new swimsuit?" He asked. "Oh...yea...I did get one. I asked her not to ring it up though. I just really like the one I brought" I answered. There was tension in the air as Matthew took a sip of his drink. "So you don't like the one I bought you?" He questioned. His tone was entirely changed. He sounded angry. I speculated on why he would be so upset. He had bought me all these nice clothes and it was probably insulting that I wasn't wearing them. It was only one day. I could wear the new bathing suit. Suddenly I felt ashamed and ungrateful. I apologized and went upstairs to change, all the while hating myself for making him feel bad.

Matthew's mood had improved by the time we got to the beach. I immediately went for a dip in the lake. It was 96 degrees and sunny and the water felt so cool against my skin. The bathing suit was bulky but I ignored the feeling and did my best to enjoy the perfect temperature of the lake.

I asked Matthew to join me and he declined. I taunted him from the water. He stood up and charged at me with a smile on his face. We swam until lunch time and then decided to go to Waylon's Haunt for something to eat.

We weren't planning on going out after the beach so I didn't bring a change of clothes. Fortunately, I still had my old outfit in the car so I threw it on before we went in. We had lunch and Matthew had a few drinks. While he was at the bar a man named Ace came up and introduced himself to me. Ace wasn't being particularly flirty but Matthew came over as soon as he saw us talking. 

"Is this guy bothering you Everly?" Matthew asked me. "No!" I exclaimed. "He was just asking me if I was new..." "You need to chill out dude." Ace interrupted. I felt Matthew's mood change and I knew nothing good would come out of this situation. They continued to throw around names and insults, neither side willing to give in.

Finally, Ace seemed ready to back down. He threw his hand up and dismissed Matthew, walking away. 

I was relived it was over. I turned around to go to the foosball table when I heard Matthew mutter something so disgusting and vile to Ace, that I wasn't surprised when Ace turned back around to shove him. 

That was all the ammunition Matthew needed. He shoved Ace to the ground and all hell broke lose. 

I couldn't do anything but sit there and wait for the two to stop fighting. I was so angry. I shouted at the both of them to stop. The bouncer finally came around and tore the two apart. It was obvious that Matthew was the winner of that brawl. Ace accepted defeat and finally left us alone.

When I had Matthew's attention I finally came unglued. I told him his behavior was completely inappropriate and unacceptable. 

I was shocked when Matthew turned the argument around and started scolding me! "I guess you don't love me like I love you Everly" he chided. "It's just that I love you so much I can't stand it when other guys talk to you. How would you like it if I was flirting with another woman?" I thought about what he said and I guess he was right. The conversation with Ace was innocent enough but I could see how it could have been misconstrued. I guess I was the one who was overreacting. I mean...he said he did it out of love! If he was that dedicated to me, I should show him the same respect. I really did like him. I ended up apologizing to him for the second time that day. The bouncer asked us to leave so we went back home to get dressed for dinner. 

Matthew said he was taking me somewhere very nice so I needed to look my best. Nice was an understatement. The fanciest restaurant I had ever been to before tonight was Applebees. This restaurant was not "nice", it was spectacular. We ate oysters, tofu, and caviar. The cocktails were elegant and the angel food cake was so decadent. 

After dinner, we looked out over the city and talked for hours. Matthew was his charming self again. I had never been in love before so I didn't know what it felt like. I was attracted to Matthew and he treated me so well. I guess I loved him too. We talked about my trip and how I only had a few days left. He asked me if I thought about staying. I told him I honestly had and that answer seemed to please him. He asked me why I wanted to stay and I flirtatiously told him he knew the answer to that already. The evening was perfect and I could honestly say I was happy here.  

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